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Prof. Dr. Ingo Fietze, MD

Head of the Interdisciplinary Center of Sleep Medicine, Senior physician, Internist, Pneumologist, Somnologist, Visiting professor at Fourth People’s Hospital of Guangyuan in the Sichuan Province, Guangyuan City, China

Prof. Dr. Thomas Penzel

Scientific Chair of Sleep Center, Physicist, Human Biologist, Physiologist, Somnologist, Principal Investigator of grant Nº 075-15-2019-1885 at Saratov State University, Russia


Marina Tüzün

Assistant physician

Bodo Weller, MD

Internist, Pneumologist


Dr. rer. medic. Martin Glos

Research associate, Somnologist (German Sleep Society)

Dr. rer. nat. Helmut Piazena

Visiting scientist, physicist


Wioleta Gorgolik

Assistant to Prof. Dr. I. Fietze, Prof. Dr. T. Penzel

Ludmila Obuhova

Assistant to Prof. Dr. I. Fietze, Prof. Dr. T. Penzel

Grit Buch

Patient management

Medical Technical Assistants

Claudia Biró

Registered nurse, Somnologist

Beate Diecker

Medical Technical Assistant, Somnologist

Angelika Nierenheim-Ullrich

Medical Technical Assistant

Karin Reichel

Medical Technical Assistant

Jacob Siegert

Medical Technical Assistant

Research assistants

Carsten Pilz

Research Management