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Academy for Sleep

The Academy for Sleep (Schlafakademie Berlin) offers elucidation and prevention strategies for a restorative sleep.

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Sleep Academy - Network of experts for the promotion of restorative sleep and the prevention of sleep disorders

We sleep restfully and sufficiently in order to live quite well!

Restful and sufficient sleep is an important prerequisite for staying healthy or getting healthy again physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Therefore, we offer individuals, groups, and organizations information, education, and self-help guidance on all topics related to sleep.

This includes in particular:
- Structure and function of sleep
- Interaction of sleep with the rhythms of the internal clock (chronobiology)
- Causes of individual differences in the amount of sleep and the sleep timing
- Influence of environment & family, shift work, and jet lag on sleep quality
- Recommendations for self-strengthening of the sleep-wake rhythm
- Possibilities and limitations of sleep apps, trackers, and other "consumables"
- Finding of quality-checked information on the topic of sleep / sleep disorders

If you are interested, please contact Dr. Martin Glos