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Das Bild zeigt einen Arzt, der bei einer jungen Patientin eine Augenuntersuchung durchführt.


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1. Insomnia

This consultation is dedicated to patients who chronically suffer from the following complaints or recently noticed them:  difficulties in initiating or maintaining sleep, early morning wake-ups. The diagnosis and differential diagnosis of different sleep disorders is accomplished by means of specific tests, accompanying questionnaires,  measurements and if needed an admission to the polysomnography in the sleep laboratory. 

2. Consultation regarding primary snorring and sleep related breathing disorders

  • Stepwise diagnosis at the outpatient department of the Interdisciplinary Sleep Medicine Center
  • Stepwise diagnosis at the rhonchopathy outpatient service at the ENT department
  • Interdisciplinary discussion of different therapeutic options

Here we take care of the patients with suspected sleep related breathing disorders, snoring or day sleepiness. Normally the patient comes to the outpatient service in the morning and receives a portable device for the sleep recording at home. Next morning the device is brought back to the outpatient service and the recorded data are analysed and the results are discussed with the patient. If therapy is required the patient receives information about all therapy options from the behaviour therapy, protrusion splint to an overnight ventilation therapy or a surgical method. An appropriate treatment is then recommended. Prior to the treatment a diagnostic polysomnography should be done at the sleep laboratory.

Unless otherwise agreed, patients who have already been treated (positive positive pressure ventilation (PAP), splint (MAD) or surgery) should undergo regular therapy check-ups in a facility with the possibility of outpatient sleep apnea measurement by a resident specialist. If necessary (side effects, complications, complaints), an appointment can be made for the sleep medicine outpatient clinic to adjust the therapy. Under certain circumstances, an inpatient follow-up check may also be carried out.

3. Consultation for other sleep disorders

Patients with all types of sleep disorders or hypersomnia. Beside sleep related breathing disorders or insomnia, here we take care of patients with parasomnia (e.g. sleepwalking), nocturnal movement disorders (e.g. Restless Legs Syndrom), a distinctive hypersomnia (e.g. narcolepsy) or patients with sleep-wake rhythm disorders (e.g. shift work syndrome). We treat not only adults but also elderly children and adolescents. 

Patients with suspected sleep disorders, when such diseases as Parkinson or epilepsy are excluded, can receive an appointment to our neurological consultation. 

General Consultations

Dr. Theresa Toncar, MD

Internist, Additional Training in Sleep Medicine

Neurological Consultations

Consultation hours for patients with insomnia und privat insuranced patients

Prof. Dr. Ingo Fietze, MD

Head of the Interdisciplinary Center of Sleep Medicine, Senior physician, Internist, Pneumologist, Somnologist, Visiting Prof. at Southwest Medical University Affiliated Zigong Hospi

Consultation-hours for patients with chronic rhonchopathy at Charité ENT department: Dr. Philipp Arens, MD, PhD