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Therapy of sleep disorders

Here you will find information on all therapeutic options at the Center for Sleep Medicine.

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Patients with insomnia:

After the completed diagnosis the following treatment strategies will be applied: behavioral, psychological and medication therapy. Continuous and if needed a long-term therapy monitoring is certainly provided by our Center. 

Patients with sleep related breathing disorders

If a sleep related breathing disorder is assumed during the preliminary outpatient examination and it is then confirmed by the polysomnography at the sleep lab a treatment with a nasal CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) device is initiated according to the indication. The CPAP therapy is the most effective treatment (appr. 85% of the treated patients) of patients with sleep related breathing disorders.

The air pressure is an individual value for each patient and is normally adjusted during 2 nights at the sleep lab under the cardiorespiratory polysomnographic control. At the same time the patient is intensively trained on how to use his CPAP machine, he receives a detailed clarification of the disease patterns, breathing therapy and advice for CPAP device. 

Leaving the sleep lab the patient receives his own breathing machine; exceptions are different care plans of some medical insurance companies.  
Depending on the discharge report it is necessary to make at least one followup check at the outpatient service or if needed at the sleep lab during the first year after the begin of the therapy. 

Here you find further Information about a CPAP machine.

Patients with Periodic Limb Movement Syndrome (PLMS) / Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD)

Patients with PLM Syndrome (often associated with breathing disorders) can receive a medication treatment during their stay at the sleep lab. The success of this treatment in most cases can be unfortunately detected only after a long period of time. Under certain circumstances a repeated polysomnographic control at the sleep lab is required. 

Patients with Hypersomnia

In patients with hypersomnia a therapy of daytime sleepiness with medication can be done after a second night stay in the sleep lab. If needed a therapy of the disordered sleep structure or of the cataplexy in cases of narcolepsy can be done during the stay for the third night in the sleep lab.

What should I bring to the Sleep Laboratory?

  • Prescrition order (from the primary care physician or our outpatient service)
  • Confirmation of cost coverage of your medical insurance (especially in case of a CPAP treatment)
  • Your medical insurance card
  • Medication, which you take on the regular basis (for the whole period of stay at the hospital)
  • Eventually available medical reports of the examinations during last 4 months (X-rays, ultrasound, blood values, lung function tests etc.)
  • Night clothes, personal toiletries
  • Bedtime treat, reading material, etc.