Research activity at the Interdisciplinary Center for Sleep Medicine

In addition to with patient care The Center for Sleep Medicine is also focused on scientific research. It is supported frequently by public entities, for example by the German Research Foundation (DFG), German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the European Union (EU). In this respect our division supports current doctoral projects and is proud of successfully concluded dissertations. Besides there are many research cooperations with different industrial partners.

In 2006 additionally to the existing clinical laboratory we opened a research laboratory with 2 beds and substantial equipment.

The results of the research activity are presented in numerous publications.

Focus areas of the scientific research

  • new medical and non-medical treatment of insomnia, sleep-related breathing disorders, Restless Legs Syndroms, narcolepsy and hypersomnia
  • new methods of statistical physics and processing of biosignals for the detection and analysis of sleep disorders and cardiovascular risk parameter
  • sleep-wake behavior within different occupational groups
  • influence of environmental conditions on healthy and disturbed sleep
  • telemedicine

Current events

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