Current, public funded projects

  • DFG-DLR – 50WB1735 - Modulation of the cardiac autonomous nervous system by a simulated four-month space transit phase mission (MANSA-TPM)
    Duration: 2017-2020

  • BMBF – 16SV7801 - Joint research project: Development of an self-applicable and wireless EEG recording system intended for use at patient's home (Somnograph)
    Duration: 2017-2020
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  • German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development (GIF) I-1372-303.7/2016: Dynamical and causal relationships in the coupling of heartbeat, respiration and motion activity
    Duration: 2017-2019
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  • DFG-PE 628/12-1; joint projekt with Prof. D. Krefting, HTW Berlin: Platform for support and location-independent execution of analysis procedures in collaborative research
    Duration: 2016-2018

  • DFG-DLR - 50WB1532: Autonomic Nerve System in Sleep and Space (ANSISS)
    Duration: 2015-2018

  • BMBF - 13N13400 - Joint research project: Non-visual light effects (Nivil) - Subproject: Influence of light spectra, exposure rate, and age on the melatonin suppression
    Duration: 2014-2017
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  • International,multicentric project dedicated to further unraveling the sleep apnea - Sleep Apnea Global Interdisciplinary Consortium (SAGIC)
    Sleep Researches from all over the globe have formed an international consortium SAGIC under the guideance of the Center of Sleep and Circadian Neurobiology, University of Pennsylvania. This unic group of experts in the field of sleep medicine deidicate their work to further research of the sleep apnea and its associated co-morbidities. Collaborators part of this consortium include sleep disorder and cardiovascular experts from the U.S., Iceland, Germany, France, Taiwan, Australia, and Brazil.
    The mission of SAGIC is to enable research in the genetics and genomics of sleep apnea at an international level. 

    Two projects have already finished with success:
    Project 1: Inter-scorer Reliability of Polysomnography Scoring Among Sleep Centers
    Project 2: Standardization of Sleep Questionnaire

    There are two additional projects planned:
    Project 3: Comparison of cephalometric and digital photography measures
    Project 4: Inventory - Standardized DNA collection and extraction

    Duration: since 2011
    Here you will find further information: Öffnet externen Link im aktuellen FensterSAGIC

  • ESADA - European Sleep Apnea Database / Sleep Apnea Network
    Duration: since 2006
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